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News and ViewsDecember 17, 2018

2018 'Twas the Year of Gig — 50 million locations (and counting)

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Santa in a Spectrum van


It's the most wonderful time of year for Spectrum Internet Gig* - which launched this December to another 1 million U.S. homes. This latest launch marks a major milestone of delivering gigabit connections across virtually our 41-state service area to 50 million locations and counting.

Since introducing Spectrum Internet Gig on Oahu late last November, Spectrum has offered gigabit connections to roughly 1 million homes and small and medium-sized business a week, on average, covering virtually all of our U.S. footprint. That's an accomplishment we're sure will bring value to our customers.

'Tis the Season of Faster Internet Speeds

Even if you’re not a gigabit household yet (or you just think you’re not), Spectrum has also changed the game for you in terms of internet speeds. Starting speeds of 100 Mbps are virtually everywhere we offer Spectrum Internet, with starting speeds of 200 Mbps in a growing number of cities. Spectrum Internet Ultra, with downloads of at least 400 Mbps, is available throughout virtually our entire footprint. Spectrum Internet Assist, bringing low-cost broadband for just $14.99** a month, is available to eligible families and seniors everywhere we serve.

Yet with such dramatic upgrades and speed increases, three constants remain: No modem fees. No data caps. No contracts.

Peace, Love & Gig in 2018

As the year comes to a close, check out how Spectrum Internet Gig rolled out to virtually our entire footprint in 2018:

  • Our gig rollout launched in November of 2017 in Oahu.
  • In April, we neared availability to 23 million homes with our spring rollout of Spectrum Internet Gig.
  • By June, the “Summer of Gig” had arrived for four million more homes and businesses in cities and towns across America.
  • And in August, we wrapped up the “Summer of Gig” by making gigabit connections available to another 6 million-plus addresses.
  • In October of 2018, we drove to the end zone rolling out to nearly 12 million more U.S. homes in places like St. Louis, Columbus, Ohio and Fort Worth, Texas.

For more information on Spectrum Internet click here.

*Maximum download speed of 940 Mbps. Speed may vary by location.

** plus taxes and fees