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Community Impact

Spectrum is committed to improving communities and impacting lives where our customers and employees live and work. We do this through several signature philanthropic and engagement programs: Spectrum Community Center Assist, Spectrum Digital Education, Spectrum Employee Community Grants, Spectrum Scholars and Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund.

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Our Programs

Spectrum Community Center Assist

Spectrum Community Center Assist is a strategic philanthropic program that aims to improve the physical condition of community centers in communities throughout Charter's 41-state footprint, as well as to create or enhance job skills programs offered in these locations.

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Our Programs

Spectrum Digital Education

Spectrum supports nonprofit organizations that educate community members on the benefits of broadband and how to use it to improve their lives.

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Our Programs

Spectrum Employee Community Grants

Spectrum recognizes the commitment and support our employees devote to their communities through volunteer efforts. Spectrum Employee Community Grants allows Charter employees to nominate nonprofit organizations where they have volunteered at least one year. Because we live and work in these local communities, we are committed to making them stronger.

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Our Programs

Spectrum Scholars

Spectrum Scholars awards qualified rising juniors in financial need with a $20,000 scholarship split evenly between their junior and senior years with the long term goal of professional development and the potential for future employment opportunities with Charter.

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Our Programs

Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund

The Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund, in partnership with select community development financial institutions, supports small businesses designed to improve economic opportunities and quality of life in underserved communities.

Homeowner smiling as Spectrum Housing Assist volunteers repair her home
Our Programs

Spectrum Housing Assist

Spectrum Housing Assist, our first signature initiative, provided critical home repairs for homeowners across the United States by partnering with nonprofit organizations and engaging our employee and community volunteers. The program launched in 2014 and concluded in October 2020 after reaching our goal to improve 50,000 homes.

How Spectrum's Community Impact Programs Serve Our Communities