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Community Impact

Spectrum Digital Education

Spectrum supports nonprofit organizations that educate community members on the benefits of broadband and how to use it to improve their lives. We award grants across the country to help accomplish this goal. 

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Grant Program

Charter Commits $1 Million to 2022 Spectrum Digital Education, Bringing Total Program Investment to $8 Million

Charter Communications has committed an additional $1 million towards the 2022 Spectrum Digital Education grant initiative, bringing its total investment in the digital literacy program over the past six years to $8 million.

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Grant Program

Bridging the Gap in Digital Literacy

Spectrum is working to ensure that our neighbors have access to broadband internet and the educational resources needed to use it effectively in their daily lives. Research shows that not all Americans use broadband internet at home, including seniors, people with disabilities, and those with ethnically diverse backgrounds. A fundamental part of this initiative is our Spectrum Digital Education Grants. Click the button below to learn more about the grant program and how to apply.

See Spectrum Digital Education in Action

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Grant Program

Charter Announces 2021 Spectrum Digital Education Grant Recipients

As part of its five-year, $7 million commitment to support digital literacy, Charter this year awarded $1 million in Spectrum Digital Education Grants to 49 nonprofits across the country which will use the funds for broadband technology programs and training.