Spectrum technician using a backhoe to bury conduit

Expanding Broadband Access

In addition to our ongoing network expansion, Charter’s multi-year, multi-billion-dollar rural construction initiative will add over 100,000 miles of fiber-optic network infrastructure to deliver gigabit-speed internet access to more than 1 million currently-unserved, mostly rural homes and small businesses across the country.

We are driven to provide new services, reach new customers, and accommodate higher traffic volume – as now more than ever our customers rely on the internet to work, learn and stay connected.

Menominee Indian family standing in the rural wilderness of Northern Wisconsin
Broadband Expansion

Expanding Broadband Access on Wisconsin’s Menominee Indian Reservation

Charter recently completed a rural broadband expansion project that brought high-speed internet to more than 200 underserved rural homes in the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. Crews worked through heavily forested areas, rocky terrain, and numerous water crossings to expand the network under an aggressive timeline.

Spectrum Technician repairing Roof Broadband Service
Broadband Expansion

Charter Launches Multiyear, Multibillion-Dollar Initiative to Expand Broadband Availability

Charter’s initiative will focus on delivering gigabit high-speed broadband access to more than 1 million unserved customer locations identified by the FCC and awarded to Charter in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Phase I auction.

Expanding Broadband to More Rural Communities

Spectrum tech working in bucket in rural Oregon
Broadband Expansion

Restoring Broadband Access in Oregon's McKenzie River Valley

Less than a year after Spectrum expanded its high-speed broadband network into the rural McKenzie River Valley in Oregon, wildfires destroyed 30-miles of infrastructure in a matter of hours, disrupting connectivity to residents and businesses in the area. Spectrum crews - many of them also under evacuation orders - worked quickly to repair the network and restore broadband access to customers.