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Press ReleaseFebruary 23, 2023

Spectrum Reach and Waymark Introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Platform That Can Produce High-Quality TV Commercials With Voice-Over Capabilities in Minutes

First-of-its-Kind AI-Powered Platform with Voice-Over Allows Businesses to Develop TV and Streaming TV Advertising Campaigns in Real Time

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NEW YORK – Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, Inc., (NASDAQ: CHTR), and video startup Waymark, today introduced a first-of-its-kind AI-powered platform that allows businesses to produce high-quality TV commercials with AI-generated voiceover, in five minutes or less. Using Waymark’s platform, local businesses across Spectrum Reach’s footprint can create real-time, ready-to-air commercials for their TV and streaming TV advertising campaigns. 

“We believe that all businesses should be able to tap into the power of TV advertising,” said Michael Guth, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Spectrum Reach.  “The introduction of the new AI voiceover platform with Waymark underscores our commitment to constantly seek new innovation, products and partnerships that will better position businesses for growth and success.”

Since 2017, Spectrum Reach and Waymark have been united on a mission to make video advertising as affordable and accessible as possible for small and medium-sized businesses. Waymark’s AI video platform is uniquely suited to help businesses create video advertisements with ease, customizability, and rapid delivery. Spectrum Reach clients can simply type in their business name, location and desired tone, and Waymark’s AI takes it from there and automatically creates a personalized video commercial with AI-generated voice-over.

Users have the option to choose from 11 AI voices with different vocal timbres, deliveries, energies and speeds. Within minutes, the user will have an AI-produced, ready-to-air commercial specific to their brand and target audience.  For example, a small neighborhood coffee shop can pull real online reviews and images to create an authentic 15-second ad, with or without voice-over. Or, a local retail boutique can include snapshots of their newest inventory with an animated male or female voice-over to announce a new sale in seconds.

“Producing any video, much less a quality TV commercial, can sometimes be consuming and expensive,” said Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark. “We’ve harnessed the latest in generative AI so that business owners can easily and effectively create do-it-yourself commercials, using images from their social footprint and with or without AI voice-over, and through Spectrum Reach are bringing it to scale to businesses across the nation.”

Spectrum Reach clients can access Waymark’s AI portal at

About Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach®, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHTR), provides custom advertising solutions for local, regional and national clients. Operating in 36 states and 91 markets, Spectrum Reach creates scalable advertising and marketing services driven by aggregated and de-identified data insights and award-winning creative services. Spectrum Reach helps businesses of all sizes reach anyone, anywhere, on any screen. Additional information about Spectrum Reach can be found at

About Waymark

Waymark is an AI startup that is revolutionizing the world of TV advertising. With its cutting-edge AI platform, businesses can produce ready-to-air ads in minutes, using nothing more than their name and online data. Waymark's mission is to democratize agency-quality video production and make TV advertising accessible to everyone. Learn more here

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