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Spectrum technician walks through downtown Telluride, past shops and businesses

News and ViewsMay 1, 2024

Snow or Shine: Spectrum Technicians Keep Telluride Connected

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As the sun rises over the snow-laden San Juan Mountains, Kevin Wolfe, Spectrum Maintenance Technician parks his truck in picturesque Telluride, Colorado on a recent winter morning. Temperatures hover around 20 degrees and the town lies under heavy, six-foot snowbanks as he meets his colleague Matt Baltizar at a service call to address a weather-related disruption.

With spikes on their boots to navigate the icy ground, the duo begin shoveling a pathway to access the disrupted connection. After several hours in the biting cold, Kevin and Matt locate and replace a damaged section of cable and successfully restore service for the local business.

Mornings like this play a crucial role in keeping the community connected — and require expertise that calibrates for safety, weather and environmental impact. On some days, Spectrum’s technicians may troubleshoot signal disruptions during blizzard conditions or dig out nodes buried in snow after a 3 a.m. wake-up call.

“Each day presents its own set of obstacles, from weather conditions to the rugged terrain,” says Kevin, a seasoned Spectrum Tech with over a decade of experience. “But the satisfaction of bringing reliable, high-speed broadband to this community makes it all worthwhile. Our goal is to make sure that whether you’re skiing powder on the slopes or working from a remote cabin, you can stay connected seamlessly.”

Telluride Business Thrives on Connection


Casey Cleek, who manages clothing and accessories retailer Two Skirts Boutique, says a reliable connection is not just a luxury, but a lifeline. Spectrum Internet helps Casey process online orders, replenish inventory and engage with a national audience through social media and the company website.

“A strong connection is essential to our business,” says Casey.

On the west side of town, Telluride Coffee Roasters crafts small-batch artisanal coffee blends sourced from beans around the world.

Owner Mick Hill said, “We rely on high-speed internet access to communicate around the clock with our international coffee vendors and manage online orders. Our guests depend on it for staying connected during their coffee experiences, which underscores its importance in both our business productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Matt Baltazar
Matt Baltizar, Spectrum Field Technician, says it's rewarding to serve customers in a place as special as Telluride.

The well-known winter destination draws outdoor enthusiasts who settle in the area year-round. 

“Telluride thrives on tourism, but it’s also a place where people choose to live and work remotely with increasing frequency,” says Matt. “Having access to high-speed broadband opens up endless possibilities for individuals and businesses in this community. Being able to serve a place as special as Telluride is rewarding.”

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