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Exterior of Lexington Discount drugs location in Kentucky (no people)

News and ViewsJuly 10, 2024

Spectrum Broadband Expansion Helps Lexington, Alabama Pharmacy with Reliable Internet

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In the small rural town of Lexington, Alabama, population 700, Lexington Discount Drugs sits on a quiet stretch of Alabama State Route 101. The local independent drugstore is owned by pharmacist Callie Sinyard and serves Lexington and the surrounding community.

As a trustworthy community business, the pharmacy provides healthcare and compounding services customized to meet patient needs — and that requires internet prescription orders and dependable broadband services, said Callie.

Previously, she relied on several internet service providers she considers “unreliable.” Then in the fall of 2023, Lexington Discount Drugs was activated as part of Spectrum’s subsidized Rural Construction Initiative.

“Outages were the main reason why we switched, because when we went down, we couldn't do anything, not even accept credit cards. Prescriptions come in via internet and our phones are internet based. We had a lot of outages with our former provider, so we swapped to Spectrum when services were available.”

Callie Sinyard, Owner of Lexington Discount Drugs

Callie says that since getting Spectrum services speeds have been faster and “the phones aren’t crackly like before.” Today, she is thoroughly impressed with the service and dependability Spectrum provides.

Lexington Discount Drugs is one of the nearly 7,000 homes and small businesses in Lauderdale County, Alabama that recently received access to Spectrum services through Charter’s multi-year subsidized Rural Construction Initiative.

Charter’s multi-year subsidized Rural Construction Initiative is an investment of approximately $9 billion – a portion of which will be offset with over $2 billion in government support funding to ultimately connect more than 1.75 million new homes and small businesses across the country. With 295,000 new locations activated in 2023 and an additional approximately 450,000 new locations expected to be activated in 2024, Charter is already making great progress on this expansion. 

More information about Spectrum’s commitment to expanding broadband access can be found here.