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Keyshaundra at UP Orlando luncheon

News and ViewsMarch 5, 2024

Spectrum Community Center Assist Partner Spotlight: UP Orlando

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Life improved for Keyshaundra, a student living in the Orlando area, after she took a jobs skills training class in 2022 at United Against Poverty Orlando, also known as UP Orlando. The nonprofit, supported by Spectrum Community Center Assist (SCCA), works to empower people living in poverty to become economically self-sufficient through job training, enrichment programs and more.

Keyshaundra, who was at one-time homeless, attended a class within UP Orlando’s Success Training Employment Program (STEP), which helped her rethink her plan. Hired as a leasing agent for an apartment complex after the class, she now rents her own apartment. Her success is just one example of the impact SCCA is having on job skills training programs offered through partner nonprofits.

“This class literally changed my thought process and focus, and now I see things from a different perspective. Life happens to everyone. It’s how you respond that matters. I’ve learned to respond differently and that has pushed me from one place to the next. I can’t say enough how grateful I am.”

Keyshaundra, UP Orlando STEP Graduate

Since 2021, SCCA has awarded UP Orlando $150,000 in grants to help support its programs, including STEP. Spectrum has also donated 50 laptops, and provided gigabit internet service and facility improvements completed by more than 40 Spectrum employees at a revitalization event.

“UP Orlando is a place where people go for support, to share experiences, and to ultimately develop job skills to find new or better employment,” said Rahman Khan, Group Vice President of Community Impact for Charter. “Through this partnership, UP Orlando is able to provide essential training and resources to help the greater Orlando community, in a safe, physical space.”

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