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News and ViewsDecember 1, 2021

Spectrum News Launches Digitally in Hawaii on the Spectrum News App

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The introduction of the Spectrum News App in Hawaii will give residents who are Spectrum customers quick access to the local news stories and features that matter to them most, while building even stronger connections with their local communities.

Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most geographically and culturally diverse states, with its many varied climates, distinct island communities, and a unique cultural heritage.  Spectrum Networks decided to launch the app in the Aloha state to deliver local news and original features, as well as curated content from partner news organizations, that reflect this diversity. Hawaii is the second state where Spectrum Networks has launched digital only, following a digital-only launch in Maine in August 2021.

To learn more about the launch in Hawaii, we talked with Ryan Cooper, Managing Director of Digital for Spectrum Networks West, who said customers will be impressed with the in-depth local news and features delivered via the app, available on Apple and Android devices.

Q: Why the decision to launch Spectrum News 'digital-only' in this particular market?

Cooper: Spectrum has a large presence in Hawaii and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. Our research showed there was a need for highly-localized, targeted news that focused on the stories happening deep within each unique community, as well as news and content that connects and resonates with all residents.

Through our research, we know that the residents of Hawaii want to be informed of what’s happening in their community and state, whether at work, at home, or on-the-go enjoying the great outdoors. We also have a robust lineup of existing lifestyle and sports channels – OC 16 and Spectrum Sports – that are highly regarded, and part of the strategy with the launch of the news app is to add even more value to our customers.

The app will provide our Hawaii customers with more sources of accurate and objective information about their state and community. Now, our customers in Hawaii will have access to local news, politics, sports and weather, exclusive podcasts and access to OC16 and Spectrum Sports.

Q: What types of news stories and features will customers find on the app?

Cooper: Whether it’s news or community-based stories, our goal is to shine a light on the stories that unite the residents of Hawaii and be an essential part of their lives. Content will include a mix of local and political news, sports, local information and activities, all sourced and reported for residents of Hawaii by our team of six digital journalists - all who live and work in Hawaii. The app also will have a dedicated VOD section with the live feeds of OC16, Spectrum Sports, as well as our Spectrum News networks across the country.

Q: What other types of content will customers find on the app?

Cooper: Weather also will be a strong focus for us. As you might imagine, Hawaii has unique weather. There are so many micro climates. You could be on Kauai, where it’s raining, and then take a quick hop to Honolulu, where it is clear and sunny.

Hawaii can sustain some pretty severe weather, as we saw in September 2016, when two dueling hurricanes barreled down on the islands and it rained for two weeks. When severe weather happens, customers can turn to the app for up-to-the minute weather reports, forecasts and information to keep them safe and informed.

Q: Tell us about the other news organizations you are partnering with for content.

Cooper: We have partnerships with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Group, which also has two newspapers on the Big Island and a newspaper on Kauai. Those papers are West Hawaii Today, Hawaii Tribune-Herald and The Garden Island. We have also partnered with Pacific Business News.

These partnerships wouldn’t be possible without the support of Gregg Fujimoto, Senior Vice President of Field Operations in Hawaii. Gregg has a deep knowledge of the market, and was instrumental in helping us build our local partnerships which allow us to further augment the diverse mix of voices that complement our own reporting and local storytelling to provide the most compelling and comprehensive content for customers.

To learn more about the Spectrum News App and download, click here.