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News and ViewsAugust 27, 2021

Mainers Have Stronger Connection to Their Communities Via Spectrum News App

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With its rocky coastline, rolling mountains, thick forests and picturesque waterways, Maine is a place of unparalleled beauty. It’s also dotted with quaint, unique towns brimming with local news stories.

Now, residents of Maine can have an even stronger connection with their local communities with the Spectrum News App, which features local news, weather and stories from throughout the state.

Maine is the very first market where Spectrum News is delivering local news exclusively via an app rather than a linear TV channel. The digital-only news model will feature a team of six digital journalists, meteorologists and producers providing coverage of news and politics, weather, outdoor lifestyle, community-based stories, and information on local events and activities.

To learn more about what Mainers can expect from Spectrum’s local news reporting and community-based journalism, we recently interviewed Sam Singal, Vice President Editorial and Content, Spectrum News – who is also a Bangor native. The app is available for download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. For more information click here.

Why is Spectrum Networks launching in Maine? And why digital-only?

We recognize that each community in the state has its own unique characteristics - and we know that we can deliver news and features that reflect those characteristics. Maine is a very large state, in terms of geographic area, but it is small in terms of community connection. With the launch of our news coverage in the state, we will help residents have an even stronger connection with their communities.

This is the first time we’re launching in a market digital-only – and we are excited to bring our trademark reporting and journalism to a platform that we know people rely on, and are using, to get their local news. This is being launched in a new state, where we know there are many stories to tell, and we are doing it on a platform that we know more and more people are turning to every day in our news markets across the country.

What kinds of stories and features can Mainers expect to find on the app?

Mainers can look forward to a mix of local, community-based stories. We will be tackling environmental issues, politics, community issues, education, health and weather. There is so much going on in the state - and it is important news that impacts people’s health, people’s families.

How will these stories be different from what Mainers can already access from other news sources?

One of the differentiators is that our journalists have the ability to take the time we need to dig deep and tell the kinds of stories that folks won’t find anywhere else. We have a long history of being a first-rate, unbiased local news operation. Our goal is to shine a light on the stories that unite Mainers and be a valuable and essential part of their lives.

Mainers are active, outdoorsy people with access to mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers - how will this product appeal to those needs?

Mainers are generally very active and spend a lot of time outdoors, and with the app they’ll be able to access the news and information they need, and want to know, anytime, anywhere. It’s their “connector” to local news, that fits in their pocket.

Also, a lot of the major industries in Maine are outdoor-based – for example, the lobster industry, which is obviously huge. There’s also a huge potato industry to the north. So, you have a lot of folks working outside all day. They’re skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer. So, the idea is to let them bring their local news with them, wherever they go.

How will the partnerships with other news organizations work? And serve users?

We have established partnerships with several other local news providers wherein they share their content with us, so we can feature that content on the app. The goal of these partnerships with the Portland Press Herald, Bangor Daily News and Maine Magazine is to bring together the very best of journalism throughout the state, so that our users get the best and most important stories.

We are proud to feature the work of other local journalists. Spectrum has a long tradition of covering and investing in local journalism. This is a way for us to bring relevant local content to our platform, utilizing a diverse mix of voices that complement Spectrum News’ coverage.

To learn more and download the Spectrum News app, click here.