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Community ImpactMay 11, 2017

5 Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day in a Safe & Healthy Home

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Spectrum Housing Assist volunteers at a rebuild

Moms never stop giving. Neither do grandmas. Spectrum Housing Assist is proud to have helped some of the most deserving moms in America as part of our philanthropic initiative. Read more below about five special ladies -Angelica, Gloria, Linda, Lyn and Vivian. They will be celebrating this Mother’s Day in a safe and healthy home.


Angelica, and a Home Built From Scratch

Spectrum Housing Assist is proud to help moms like Angelica.

Angelica, Roberto and their daughter Gabby stand outside of their newly painted home in Austin, Texas.

Some 20 years ago, Angelica and her husband Roberto bought a plot of land in Austin, Texas to build their home. They had no building experience, and a baby to care for. Angelica recalls staying with nearby family and cooking on a single hot plate as the house was slowly constructed. As the years went by, the house fell into disrepair. Employee volunteers stepped in to paint the exterior of the home, install new air conditioning units, replace the bathroom vanity, and remove debris from the backyard. Angelica, Roberto, and their daughter Gabby were filled with joy after the transformation.


Gloria, the Selfless Caregiver

Spectrum Housing Assist is proud to help moms like Gloria.

Gloria and her son Victor sit in front of her newly improved home in Selma, Alabama.

Gloria was packed up and ready to move out of her beloved home in Selma, Alabama with her disabled son Victor. Recently widowed, her home became unlivable. The roof leaked, pipes in two bathrooms were ravaged by tree roots, windows were broken, and the floor joists were damaged by termites. More than two dozen employee volunteers joined forces with Edmundite Missions to help make emergency improvements to Gloria’s home and save the lifetime of memories her family had made there. She said she will never forget their kindness.


Linda, a Cancer Survivor

Linda welcomes volunteers to her home on the day of the renovation.

Linda welcomes volunteers to her home on the day of the renovation.

When Linda was diagnosed with leukemia, she was unable to work and support her twin boys with special needs. Her energy was zapped, and she simply did not have the resources to give her Minnesota home the TLC it needed. Employee volunteers, along with Rebuilding Together, installed new flooring, new doors, landscaped the yard, and renovated the bathroom. Linda, her boys, and their 4-year-old beagle ended the day with a safe and healthy home to live in.


Lyn, a Hardworking Single Mom

Spectrum Housing Assist is proud to help moms like Lyn.

“Today, I am so inspired and have hope,” said Lyn, pictured with her three daughters.

Lyn’s emotional story drew more than 25 volunteers to her Trumbull, Connecticut home last year after she went through a trying time and was unable to work. Her home fell into disrepair before she found the strength to reach out for help. Spectrum employees teamed up with HomeFront and painted the house, installed 11 new windows, landscaped the yard, and added new light fixtures. Lyn stepped right up to help, adding her own sweat equity. Lyn and her daughters, once embarrassed by the house’s problems, are now proud of their home.


Vivian, a Dedicated Grandmother

Spectrum Housing Assist is proud to help Vivian, a mom and grandmother from Florida.

Vivian was overjoyed to have a safe and healthy home again.

Vivian longed for a Christmas at home with her son and 2-year-old grandson. But a serious mold problem forced her out of her Orlando, Florida house and threatened that dream. Rebuilding Together and Spectrum employees teamed up to hire mold remediation experts, then spent a Saturday painting the exterior of the home, and doing significant landscaping and yard work. Vivian was right there, sleeves rolled up, working hard with our volunteers. She moved back home five days before Christmas.

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