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News and ViewsApril 6, 2020

Charter Statement Regarding Plans to Permanently Raise Minimum Wage to $20/Per Hour Over Next Two Years For All Hourly Employees

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In a statement, Charter announced plans to permanently raise its minimum wage to $20 per hour over the next two years for all hourly employees. Charter had begun discussions around raising its existing $15 minimum wage, however in light of the current environment and the challenges many are facing, Charter is beginning that process now.

“An initial retroactive $1.50 increase will be implemented immediately for our hourly frontline employees in the field and customer operation groups who are the face of our company to our nearly 30 million customers. These employees provide essential communications services to our residential and business communities, including hospitals, first responder and government facilities, which help flatten the curve and protect the country. Additionally, these same field and customer operations hourly workers will receive another permanent $1.50 per hour raise on top of their March 2021 merit increase. Charter has committed that in 2022 all hourly employees will have a minimum starting rate of $20 per hour.”

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