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Press ReleaseApril 23, 2019

Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Recertifies Spectrum Reach® with TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal

Spectrum Reach’s Online Platforms Meet TAG’s Requirements for Preventing Fraudulent Non-Human Traffic in the Digital Advertising Supply Chain for Second Year in a Row

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New York, NY – Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales division of Charter Communications, Inc., today announced it has been recertified for the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). This is Spectrum Reach’s second consecutive year of achieving the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal. TAG is an advertising industry initiative created to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, and TAG’s Certified Against Fraud program is designed to combat fraudulent non-human advertising traffic. The program puts organizations in the ad industry through a rigorous process to ensure that they meet TAG’s anti-fraud standards.

“We’re committed to brand safety, transparency, and fighting fraud in the digital advertising industry,” said Rob Klippel, SVP, Advanced Advertising Products for Spectrum Reach. “Ensuring our clients’ brand safety is our highest priority, and we’re proud to work closely with partners such as TAG to ensure we set the highest standards and quality of protection.”

Ad fraud involves a wide and growing range of schemes to mislead or deceive brands and their partners into paying for digital ads that were not viewed by human users or whose value, location, size, or format differs from the representation made to the advertiser. This adds costs, diverts revenue from legitimate publishers, and fools marketers into thinking that their advertising campaigns are performing well. A common fraudulent tactic uses illegitimate software programs (also known as bots) to simulate human web surfing on a web browser in order to create non-human ad impressions.

“We are pleased to honor Spectrum Reach with the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal for the second consecutive year,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “By achieving these rigorous standards, Spectrum Reach has demonstrated its commitment to protecting its customers and fighting the criminals who profit from advertising fraud. We look forward to continuing to work with Spectrum Reach as we improve and enhance these fraud fighting standards going forward.”

Spectrum Reach has worked diligently to maintain the highest standards for all its online products. The division upholds state-of-the-art fraud protection in all its digital media initiatives and makes them available to local, regional and national advertisers of all scale and size. In addition, Spectrum Reach advocates on behalf of its clients as an active participant in key industry organizations, including being one of the 16 members on the TAG Leadership Council, the operational decision-making body for the organization. Participating in the TAG Leadership Council is a differentiator for Spectrum Reach in its commitment to better advocate for its local clients.

“We are excited about working with industry leaders to push the envelope on transparency and accountability, two key elements that are front and center in all product initiatives at Spectrum Reach,” said Alex Groysman, Spectrum Reach’s Senior Director, Product Management and appointed TAG Council member. “Whether it’s auditing inventory supply chains or providing clients with full transparency on ad placements and performance outcomes, the TAG Leadership Council is a fantastic vehicle to drive adoption of higher industry standards.”

To ensure its technology platform meets TAG’s standards for the anti-fraud program, Spectrum Reach completed steps related to complying with the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) Invalid Traffic (IVT) Detection and Filtration Guidelines, domain list filtering, data center IP list filtering, and compliance with IAB Tech Lab Ads.txt standards for publishers and media buyers. By utilizing Spectrum Reach’s platforms, advertisers and agencies are choosing tools that are proactively monitored to defend against fraud. Basic features that minimize ad fraud in addition to TAG’s anti-fraud measures include:

  • Ensuring ads appear only on quality brand-safe sites and apps that have been vetted and verified as legitimate;
  • Continuous monitoring to block suspicious activities and to help protect against fraudulent traffic, so ads are delivered to humans and not bots;
  • 24/7 access to AudienceTrak reporting so clients can review campaign metrics with a comprehensive dashboard that includes full website lists, video completion rates, click-through rate (CTR) and more.

More information about Spectrum Reach’s solutions and services is available at

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