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Community ImpactSeptember 18, 2016

Transforming a Home for a Mom in Remission from Leukemia

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When Minnesota homeowner Linda was diagnosed with leukemia – which is now thankfully in remission – she was forced to give up her career as an in-home daycare provider. As a single mother of twin 12-year-old boys with special needs, Linda didn’t have the energy or resources to care for her home.


An image of Linda, standing with Charter and Rebuilding Together volunteers are her home rebuild in Minnesota.

Homeowner Linda stands with Charter volunteers at her home rebuild in Minnesota.

She was forced to let her property go and over time her home posed a danger to herself and her family.

The doors to each room were broken. The steps leading to the downstairs shower were unsafe. A basement window was damaged and the flooring throughout the house needed to be replaced.


Charter our Community Steps in to Save Linda’s Minnesota Home

An image of volunteers rebuilding Leukemia survivor Linda's home.

Volunteers waste no time removing the carpeting in Linda’s Minnesota home.

Recently more than twenty Charter employees teamed up with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities and devoted their Saturday to making Linda’s home a safe place to live again.

“We’re really excited to be able to come here and help out the family. It’s really a good opportunity for us to give back to her,” said Charter’s Kimberly Noetzel, Senior Manager, Field Communications.


‘Unbelievable’ Transformation Makes Home Safe for Leukemia Survivor

An image of Charter our Community and Rebuilding Together volunteers at a home rebuild in Minnesota.

The volunteer team discusses the plans for tackling the day’s rebuild.

As the volunteers arrived, Linda stood outside to welcome and thank them for coming to help her.

“I can’t believe it. I kept saying to myself, ‘I will believe it when I see it’ and here are all of these people at my house! I am very excited to have all [of] the Charter volunteers here,” Linda said.


An image of a Charter volunteer replacing the carpeting with laminate flooring at a Charter our Community home rebuild.

A Charter volunteer replaces the carpeting with laminate flooring.

Inside the house, volunteers repaired her bathroom, replaced the doors and swapped the carpeting with laminate flooring, so it’s easier to clean. Outside, they spruced up the landscaping.

“I really appreciate the people…[that]…volunteered here, who take their time to help somebody else. This will help me a lot,” Linda said.

Watch the video above to meet Linda and her family and see their home’s dramatic transformation.