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InvestorsOctober 6, 2003

Spokesman’s Statement Regarding RIAA Subpoenas

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“Charter has received subpoenas from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) requesting the identities of approximately 150 Charter high speed Internet access customers alleged by RIAA to be violating copyright law by file-sharing copyrighted music over the Internet.

To date, the Company has not supplied RIAA with any information under the subpoenas.

In response to these subpoenas, and consistent with the Company's Privacy Policy, Charter filed a lawsuit Friday, October 4th , seeking to block the RIAA from obtaining the identities of these customers. In addition, Charter also filed a motion for a protective order Monday, October 7th, asking the Federal District Court in St. Louis to block the RIAA from trying to enforce earlier subpoenas for many of the same customers that RIAA had filed in Federal District Court in Washington, D.C.

In line with our response to the RIAA subpoenas, Charter sent written notification to customers involved in the subpoenas, notifying them that their identities are being sought by RIAA.

Charter considers customer relationships to be its most important responsibility. Accordingly, we're exercising our legal rights in order to protect the legitimate interests of our customers and our business.”

More information regarding the RIAA subpoenas may be found at the informational web site Charter has established for customers with questions on this issue, located at