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Spectrum technician arriving at a customers residence in a Spectrum van

News and ViewsAugust 8, 2023

Spectrum Proactive Maintenance Transforms Customer Experience

Customers May Now Receive Alerts to Schedule Appointments Before an Issue Impacts Their Service

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As one of the only businesses that makes house calls, Spectrum is redefining customer service with the use of telemetry and advanced network monitoring to inform customers about an issue that may affect their service, often before they even experience a problem.

There is no cost for these service calls, and if a potential issue is detected, customers are notified through their preferred communication method — such as email, phone, text or via the My Spectrum app — with a prompt to make it easy for them to schedule a service call.

“We are continuously looking for ways to deliver the best service experience to our customers,” said Tom Monaghan, Executive Vice President of Field Operations. “Proactive Maintenance leverages our investments in both advanced network monitoring and our local teams of expert technicians, so we can evolve from a reactive, on-demand model, where a customer calls us with a problem, to a proactive approach of resolving an issue before they even contact us. 

“We liken it to seeing a ‘check engine’ light on your vehicle. That alert notifies you to schedule an appointment as soon as you can.”

Proactive Maintenance has been a welcome surprise to Charter’s customers across its 41-state footprint. Recent surveys show 40 percent of Spectrum customers contacted proactively were unaware of a problem with their services and appreciated receiving the proactive service call.

Customer Feedback Signals a Welcome Approach

Regional Vice President Melissa Morris shadowed technicians in various markets across the company’s Central Region to see how the process worked for her team and hear the customer response, which was consistently positive.

“Early feedback has been extremely positive,” said Morris. “And even customers who have noticed an issue with their service often respond by saying, ‘Thank you. I have been meaning to call, but I just haven’t had the time. I’m so glad you’re here.’”

Proactive Maintenance is a Priority for Spectrum

“It’s a fundamentally different experience for the customer,” President and CEO Chris Winfrey recently told analysts, adding that Spectrum logged 600,000 proactive customer visits in 2022 and expects to exceed 1 million in 2023.

The company encourages customers to always report any issue with their service through their preferred platform: phone, live chat or the My Spectrum app.

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