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SpectrumNovember 16, 2018

Spectrum News 1 Launches in Southern California

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - "Welcome to the Beat on 1!"

Those words ushered in a new era today, as Spectrum News 1 launched to viewers across Southern California.

Spectrum News 1 in Southern California introduces an innovative approach to 24/7 local news and information, leveraging Spectrum Network’s unique access to data and insights, more than 25 years of local experience and technical infrastructure to gather a multitude of stories to curate and air appropriately throughout the day.

Spectrum News 1’s multimedia journalists (or, MMJs) – who are representative of and deeply understand their local audiences – are tasked with providing in-depth coverage of the issues that matter most to the communities they serve.

Hyperlocal Content for Spectrum News 1 Viewers

Weather man image

The decision to launch Spectrum News 1 is part of Charter’s effort to strengthen the individual communities throughout Southern California, and to recognize that local journalism is vital to maintaining a well-informed, engaged society. Given the network’s unique approach to storytelling, Spectrum News 1 MMJs act as local documentarians who can spend time crafting richer, deeper stories with more context. These stories enable Spectrum customers in Southern California to more effectively engage in their local communities, as they are better informed and armed with solutions to navigate their world.

“We are a 24/7 hyperlocal content network, focused on serving up news, programming and great storytelling that addresses the deeper needs and interests of the diverse communities and neighborhoods throughout Southern California," said Cater Lee, Vice President, News and Content.

Spectrum News 1’s programming incorporates a deep focus on local politics, bringing Southern Californians important stories about what is happening in local and state government, and how issues debated in Washington D.C. impact their lives.

The network’s technical capabilities allow it to air area-specific traffic reports, advanced weather updates and news stories to distinct communities throughout the area – some of which have never received such specific attention.

Hitting the Ground Running

Journalists Alex Cohen and Amrit Singh prep for their political show

Spectrum News 1’s 30 MMJs are provided equipment that allows them to create graphics and make edits while in the field, and to move on to the next story with ease. And, the stories they create are done in such a way that they can live across platforms, reaching both linear and digital local news audiences.

“At a time when other news organizations are cutting the resources for local news coverage, Spectrum News 1 is dedicated to providing coverage that is hyperlocal and focused on the issues and community concerns shaping the neighborhoods and impacting the lives of Spectrum viewers," said Lee.

Spectrum News 1 is available exclusively to Spectrum subscribers across Southern California. The network joins our portfolio of over 30 local news and regional sports networks, owned and operated by Charter Communications.

For more information on Spectrum Networks, visit our website.