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Community ImpactDecember 11, 2015

Safe & Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

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Throughout the year – in conjunction with our nonprofit partner Rebuilding Together – we’ve provided you with tips and resources to make your home safer and healthier. Now with the holiday season here, here’s a holiday gift guide to help others have a safe and healthy home.

From our community to yours, we wish you all a safe, healthy and festive holiday season!

Gifts for Inside the Home

Picture of grab bar handrail in a hotel handicapped disabled access bathroom

Paul Velgos/


Grab bars – An important safety precaution and installation is relatively simple for someone with DIY know-how. Non-slip bath mats are perfect for home occupants of all ages, offering protection from dangerous falls in slick bathtubs or showers.


Many plugs plugged into electric surge protector

Elena Elisseeva/


Surge Protector – There never seems to be enough outlets to light up all those holiday decorations. Electrical fires are often started by faulty wiring related to lighting equipment, so help keep your friends and neighbors safer by purchasing a surge protector.


Illuminated closeup of Christmas lights

Craig Russell/


LED lights – Whether they are holiday lights, or just for everyday home lighting, LEDs are often a superior alternative to incandescent bulbs. They give off more light, but less heat, meaning they are also less of a fire hazard. Pick up a string of LED holiday lights to help make a friend’s or family member’s home festive, while also saving them money on their energy bill!


Handyman installing smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector with screwdriver on the ceiling



Carbon monoxide detector – Make sure your holiday party guests are protected from potential carbon monoxide leaks in the home with a carbon monoxide detector. Particularly an issue for older homes, carbon monoxide poisoning causes approximately 430 deaths per year in the United States.


Gifts for Outside the Home

Close-up Of Person Hands Applying Silicone Sealant With Caulking Gun



Caulking gun – If you know a handy DIY-er with some home renovations to be done, this is a great gift. Sealing cracks and crevices around a home can mean big-time energy cost savings, and helps keep the winter cold outside – where it belongs!


Ice melting rock salt

B Calkins/


Ice melt – As parts of the country could be looking at a significantly colder and snowier winter this year, don’t let your friends and family get snowed in for the holidays. Gift some ice melt and keep people moving!

Painting supplies on rustic wood consisting of paint brushes, roller covers, pan, applicators, mask, latex gloves, scraper and hand roller



Painting supplies – Blink and spring will be here, so help someone you know get a jump on those outdoor paint jobs when the weather turns warmer. A fresh coat of paint acts as a first line of defense from damaging weather, and can help keep energy costs down.


And Some Stocking Stuffers…

Toddler playing with extension cord and electric outlet

Iakov Filimonov/


Outlet covers – With all the added lights around the holidays, it can be easy to forget to protect outlets. Use covers to help make sure that small children don’t accidently shock themselves with uncovered outlets.

Safety glasses



Safety glasses – An essential gift for any DIY-er in your life, a pair of safety glasses are a must-have safety precaution for many home projects!

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