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Community ImpactJuly 6, 2015

Rebuilding in the Rockies: Denver

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Scenic image of Denver, Colorado with Rocky Mountains in the background


Charter our Community’s mission to improve 25,000 homes by 2020 is bringing us to the Mile High City, Denver, this July. Claiming a statewide average of 300 days of annual sunshine and beautiful Rocky Mountain skyline, Colorado is home to four families Charter Communications and Rebuilding Together Metro Denver have identified to receive critical home repairs necessary to ensure their homes are safe and healthy for years to come.

Read below to learn more about the homeowners to whom we’ll be providing assistance. Be sure to check back in a few weeks to see the transformations made on these homes.

Denver homeowners Luis and his wife Cruzita will have their home rebuilt by Charter our Community and Rebuilding Together

Luis and his wife Cruzita

Homeowner Spotlight: Luis & Cruzita

Luis and his wife Cruzita are proud Colorado natives; Luis hails from Southern Colorado and Cruzita was raised in Denver, in a neighborhood close to where she and Luis now live. They’ve built memories in their home for the past 47 years together– including raising three children and spending time with their 10 grandchildren. The home repairs they will receive through Charter our Community will help them spend many more years building memories with their family.


Denver homeowner Sharon will have her home rebuilt by Charter our Community and Rebuilding Together


Homeowner Spotlight: Sharon

Sharon has been a Denver resident for the past 20 years. She has lived in her current Westwood home, with her teenage daughter Jenna, for the past four. Sharon enjoys going for walks and visiting with her neighbors and works in the kitchens of the Denver Public Schools, where she provides lunch for hundreds of students each day. Sharon – who suffers from glaucoma – is looking forward to the home repairs as they will keep her home safe, warm and dry for both her and her daughter.


Denver homeowners Ken and Norma will have their home rebuilt by Charter our Community and Rebuilding Together

Kenneth and his wife Norma

Homeowner Spotlight: Kenneth & Norma

Kenneth spent many years working at the Gates Rubber Plant in Denver and he now spends his time caring for his wife, Norma, who suffers from debilitating arthritis. While he tries his best to maintain the home they’ve lived in for years, he’s concerned due to suffering from respiratory issues. Kenneth will find peace of mind once Charter Communications and Rebuilding Together are able to perform the repairs needed to maintain the health of his home.


Denver homeowner Anthony will have his home repaired by Charter our Community and Rebuilding Together


Homeowner Spotlight: Anthony

Anthony is a 90 year old United States Army combat veteran, having served during World War II in the Pacific theater and later in the famed 82nd Airborne Division. He has lived in his neighborhood since 1950 and keeps up his home and flower garden by himself. The focus of the work to be done on Anthony’s home is to help him remain safe and secure by replacing flooring and carpeting that has become a potential fall hazard.