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Community ImpactJanuary 5, 2015

Hugs, Smiles and Even Some Tears

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Meet Chris Robles, a Director of Sales Operations with Charter Business. He’s a longtime volunteer in Charter and Rebuilding Together’s partnership. Chris says, “What attracted me to it [the partnership] is that I liked to work on houses and do rebuilding [projects]… I thought what a great venue to do something I like, but also give back to the community and represent Charter Communications.”

Chris is now a House Captain, which means that in addition to volunteering his time on the days Charter our Community home renovations actually take place, he also helps to recruit other volunteers. In addition, he meets with the homeowners prior to the actual event, setting expectations about what will actually take place. Chris walks the homeowner through the project list and talks about what the 30 to 35 Charter volunteers will be doing throughout the course of the day.

“The reaction at the end of the day from the homeowner is the best part, because we will take them around to all the projects we completed, and they’re just so appreciative of the work the volunteers have done. Sometimes they’ll cry and give us hugs and just be so excited about the work we completed,” Chris says.

In addition to the pride Chris feels about a job well done, he notes that he’s been able to network and to establish friendships with his fellow employees. In fact, he hired someone that he met during a Rebuilding Together event.

Chris adds, “I know…when I finish a Rebuilding Together project, and I can probably speak for all the volunteers, that when we go to bed that night we have a smile on our face.” You can probably bet the homeowners are smiling too.

Watch the video above to see the surprise Chris received from a very grateful homeowner.