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News and ViewsJuly 7, 2021

How Spectrum is Building Connections with Small Business Customers

Fast, Reliable Broadband Connectivity Services Help a Korean Market in a Dallas Suburb Get Up and Running

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Spectrum Business Senior Account Executive Jin Han had been driving past a vacant storefront at a local shopping center in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville, Texas, for months when one day he noticed a “Coming Soon” sign.

Han pulled into the parking lot and went inside to meet the owner of Zion Market, a new multi-tenant Korean market taking over the space. Han, who is also of Korean descent, was able to make an immediate connection with the new owner. Soon, word of the partnership began to circulate in the community of Korean small business owners, and dozens of others contacted Han to sign up for Spectrum’s advanced broadband services.

Han’s connection with these start-ups at the largely Korean, north Dallas shopping center exemplifies how Spectrum Business employees work every day to help small businesses grow and thrive in the communities we serve across the country.

“Small businesses like the Zion Market depend on our internet, voice and mobile products so they can stay connected with their business, their customers and their suppliers,” said Brian Miller, Group Vice President, SMB Direct Sales for Charter. “Additionally, one of our goals at Spectrum Business is to make a positive difference in the communities we serve. As Jin’s story demonstrates, we bring that commitment to work every day throughout each of the 41 states where we operate.”

Watch our video below to learn more. 

Strong Community Connections and Great Customer Support


As Han fostered new relationships, he detailed how Spectrum’s small business solutions would benefit the businesses by delivering the highest reliability and network performance. Business owners, from the market retailer to a sports and entertainment center proprietor, had a common need for fast, reliable broadband and great customer support. 

“It’s very important to have someone who can speak their language,” said Han, referring to the many Korean business owners who operate in the tight-knit community. “They need someone who they can talk to really easily and fast whenever they have a question or concern.”

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