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Community ImpactDecember 1, 2014

Helping Homeowners is “Incredible”

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For four years, Charter Communications Business Solutions Manager Stacy Renfrow has been volunteering her time, helping homeowners through the company’s partnership with Rebuilding Together St. Louis. We asked Stacy to share her thoughts about making a difference.

What motivated you to volunteer for the Charter-Rebuilding Together partnership?

There are many people in our community that need help; I like to jump in and help where I can. When I heard what Charter was doing, I thought, “What a great way to give back to the community.” As I became more involved, there was the added bonus of meeting new co-workers and connections.

Charter employee Stacy Renfrow doing some bathroom remodeling at a Charter Communications-Rebuilding Together home rebuild in St. Louis

Stacy doing some bathroom remodeling

Tell us about the events you have worked on. What roles do you take on?

When participating with Charter, I have served both as a Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteer. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring we have volunteers with the right skills, organizing the team to complete the day’s activities and keeping the job site safe. We ensure the homeowner understands the expectation of the rebuilding day and the amount of people that will be coming in and out of their home. I have painted, rehabbed bathrooms, installed flooring/ceiling tiles/light fixtures, landscaped and a lot of cleaning.

You mentioned that through the partnership you were able to network with Charter employees that you’d never met before…

Charter Communications Employee Stacy Renfrow and Homeowner Lois on a Rebuilding Together project in St. Louis

Stacy and Homeowner Lois

I have been in Care Residential Operations for most of my Charter career. Through Rebuilding Together events, I have worked side-by-side with technicians, engineers, employees from Charter Business, IT, my local office and our Customer Care call center. Even if you are shy, there are really no strangers by the end of the day.

What have your interactions with the homeowners who have been helped by the partnership been like?

Speaking with the homeowners is one of the most enjoyable parts of the partnership. Homeowners always feel much better when they can form connections with the volunteers. Charter also hosts a big BBQ lunch in front of the job site; this always brings volunteers and homeowners together to get to know one another and talk through some of the repairs.

What have you liked most about the partnership?

I have many great memories of each event. Hugging homeowners, as they tear up, seeing how many people have shown up to help. Also, I enjoy the participation of my co-workers and meeting their families. It is an incredible experience that I look forward to. There is no doubt that I will continue participating.