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Raymond helps sort Safe & Healthy Home Kits

Community ImpactFebruary 6, 2020

Handing Out Safe & Healthy Home Kits to Neighbors

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Editor’s Note: Helping families turn a house into a home, has always been part of Raymond Park’s DNA. A longtime volunteer at Spectrum, he worked for a large developer in the home building industry before taking a position with Spectrum Enterprise on the Right of Entry team, helping to secure right of entry agreements from commercial property owners. He participated in his first Rebuild event several years ago, and now regularly hands out Safe & Healthy Home Kits at Spectrum Community Impact events near his neighborhood in Los Angeles County.

In His Words: Here’s why Raymond Volunteers

“To me, it’s really important that we’re not just known as a cable company, but a company that cares. We need to give back. Yes, we are here to hook up your TV, internet and phone, but it’s more than that. We honestly do care about the communities we work in. And for me personally, it makes me feel good that I’m actually doing something that helps someone in a very real and genuine way. I love my job, but it’s a totally different satisfaction when you go out on a Saturday and invest in the community.”

What’s Inside a Safe & Healthy Home Kit?

Safe & Healthy Home Kits come equipped with products to help homeowners stay safe and healthy in their homes. They are packed with things like smoke alarms, LED nightlights, weatherstripping and cleaning supplies.

“The kits are really terrific. They’ve got $75 to $100 worth of products inside, some real value. At one kit event I remember people coming over as we were setting up. They wanted to know what we were doing as we set up the booth and unloaded the kits. We opened one to share what was inside. They said ‘Wow! This is great. Can we have one?’ Their reaction was, ‘Wow, we could really use some of those things. Smoke alarms, weatherstripping to tighten down doors and windows, nightlights - things like that. The look on their faces was priceless. They asked us, ‘And you guys are just giving this away?’ We told them, yes. We want you to be safe.”

Why Handing Out Safe & Healthy Home Kits Can Get Emotional

For Raymond, handing out Safe & Healthy Home Kits is one small thing he can do that can have a big impact on a homeowner’s life.

“One of the reasons why I was in homebuilding before everything imploded in the last recession was that I actually built something people could use. It was so great to watch a house, a physical structure, turn into something that is much more emotional - a home for a family. While we may not build a brand new house when we give out Safe & Healthy Home Kits – we do things that help folks out there. That matters to me.”

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