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CorporateOctober 10, 2018

Charter’s Fond du Lac Call Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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FOND DU LAC, Wis. -- The year 2018 has been a special one for Allison and Daryl Fiene, both longtime Spectrum employees in Wisconsin. It was also a noteworthy year at Spectrum's Fond Du Lac Call Center.

The Fienes celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in 2018, in concert with the 20th Anniversary of the Fond du Lac Call Center - hitting a personal milestone at the very place Allison has forged a meaningful career, and in the very town they've called home for 20 years.

Charter Communications is one of the largest employers in Fond du Lac, and is proud to celebrate its strong roots in the community, along with these two longtime employees who exemplify the rewarding careers that can blossom at Spectrum. Allison is a Human Resources Manager at the call center and Daryl works for the company just down the road in Fond du Lac as a Maintenance Technician III.

"If you just get your foot in the door at this company there is so much opportunity to grow your career," said Daryl.

A Lot Can Change in 20 Years

Call center Representative

She was hired as a call center representative out of college. He was in the field as a technician. Love and marriage followed, and their story has continued for another 20 years.

The company opened its first-ever statewide call center in Fond du Lac in 1998. In 20 years, it has grown from about 50 employees to a team of 480. Job expansion at the center has resulted from several factors, including a strong and growing Wisconsin customer base and Charter’s desire to insource customer operations to better serve customers.

The technology has changed, too. Call center representatives have gone from searching stacks of binders to help a customer, to a paperless environment where everything is digital. Additionally, the call center once focused only on Wisconsin, now serves customers from across the nation.

“The advancements in technology and process optimization across Customer Operations have really changed things,” said Allison, who jumped at the opportunity to help launch the company’s first statewide call center back in 1998. “But at our core, we are still focused on helping our customers, and that’s what I love.”

A Longtime Presence in the Community

Maintenance Tech Daryl

“If you just get your foot in the door at this company there is so much opportunity to grow your career,” said Daryl, a Maintenance Technician III.

Daryl, now a Maintenance Technician III, has worked as a Service Technician, Construction Coordinator and Supervisor through the years. He said he loves his job and enjoys being outside and working independently.

“I love talking with customers and knowing what’s going on with the system,” said Daryl. “I take great pride in keeping the Fond du Lac system nice and clean. I know that my work, whether it’s splitting nodes or removing congestion from the system, makes things better for our customers – and that’s what keeps me going.”

Over the years, he’s played a part in major projects to ready the system for the launch of internet, going all digital, and now preparing for even faster speeds and the launch of Spectrum Mobile.

“There’s always a new challenge, but I believe in what we’re doing and with each major initiative, we accomplish it and come out better than before,” said Daryl.

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