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CorporateMay 14, 2013

Charter Supports Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

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    STAMFORD, Conn., May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) today voiced its support for Senator John McCain's Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013, which identifies and aims to address key issues facing the television industry.


    "We at Charter applaud Senator McCain for introducing the Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013," said Tom Rutledge, CEO and President of Charter Communications.  "It is clear that consumers are being forced to purchase content that they don't want or need.  The tying together of networks by programming giants, combined with a lack of consistency in pricing for distributors and a complete lack of transparency surrounding that pricing, creates a no-win situation for consumers, who are forced to purchase large bundles of program content at prices that continue to escalate despite the myriad alternatives enabled by current technology.  Giving consumers more choice in this difficult economic climate is the right regulatory path, and Senator McCain's proposed legislation is a logical step in that direction."

    SOURCE Charter Communications