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InvestorsJanuary 13, 2004

Charter Response to Supreme Court Denial of Appeal in Landmark Santa Cruz, CA Franchise Case

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"Although we're disappointed, our efforts did achieve much for Charter and for the cable industry. First, the Solicitor General's brief, as well as the 53-page District Court opinion, clearly indicated that local franchising authorities are not permitted to supplant their own wish list for Federal principles. Second, by resisting improper demands from consultants, we have deterred some of their more unreasonable positions, and have made transfers more achievable for the industry."

About Charter Communications
Charter Communications, A Wired World Company™, is the nation's third-largest broadband communications company. Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services to the home, including cable television on an advanced digital video programming platform via Charter Digital™ and Charter High-Speed Internet Service™. Commercial high-speed data, video and Internet solutions are provided under the Charter Business Networks® brand. Advertising sales and production services are sold under the Charter Media® brand. More information about Charter can be found at