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InvestorsApril 6, 2004

Charter Increases Internet Access Download Speed By 50 Percent

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Security Features also Enhanced

ST. LOUIS - Charter Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHTR) today announced a 50 percent increase in maximum download speed to 3 megabits for existing Charter High Speed Internet customers. The Company said upload speeds have been increased as well to 256 kilobits in markets currently at 128 kilobits. In total, more than 85% of Charter markets will have 3Mb/256Kb capability, according to Barbara Hedges, Charter Vice President of Broadband Marketing.

"There is no cost to existing Charter High Speed Internet Customers," Ms. Hedges said. "The upgrades from 2Mb speed to 3Mb will take place during the month of April, with no customer action required to activate the higher speed. As our customers become more adept users of our high-speed service, they're requiring more and more speed both on the downstream and the upstream. So we're continuing to evolve our product in anticipation of customer needs."

Ms. Hedges said Charter's goal is to deliver the best value in broadband. "At 3Mb, our high-speed service offers maximum download speeds that are twice as fast as most DSL providers. Once our customers get hooked on faster connections and transactions, they never want to go back. They only want to go faster. And at $39.99 per month, it's a great value!"

In addition to the speed boost, Ms. Hedges said Charter is also enhancing the security features of its high-speed service. Parental control for e-mail and junk mail filters are available; anti-virus protection and firewall software to prevent “hacking” will be added soon.

“Speed and security are two critical factors for data customers,” she said. "And we've addressed both. Add to this our very competitive price, and we believe Charter High Speed Data is second to none.”

About Charter Communications
Charter Communications, Inc., a broadband communications company, provides a full range of advanced broadband services to the home, including cable television on an advanced digital video programming platform via Charter Digital™ and Charter High-Speed Internet Service™. Charter also provides business to business video, data and Internet protocol (IP) solutions through its Commercial Services Division. Advertising sales and production services are sold under the Charter Media® brand. More information about Charter can be found at

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