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News and ViewsMarch 8, 2023

Evolving Customer Service in the Digital Age

A Q&A with Jodi Robinson, Executive Vice President of Digital Platforms

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Charter is listening to customers and working to create an even better service experience with innovative technology and digital communication options, like the My Spectrum App. Communicating with customers how, where and when they prefer regarding their accounts is proving to be a winning strategy in the digital age.

We spoke with Jodi Robinson, Charter’s Executive Vice President of Digital Platforms, to learn about the evolving world of digital self-service apps and how Charter is adapting to meet customers’ needs.

How is Charter’s approach to customer service changing with the My Spectrum App?

In today’s world, customers want self-service that is easy to access, personalized and intuitive. They want companies to communicate and meet their needs based on their personal preferences, whether it’s by phone, chat, email or text. The advancements we’ve made with the My Spectrum App have helped us remain flexible to meet these changing expectations.

Over the past four years, our ability to guide users toward digital solutions has increased dramatically. Now, more than 80% of customers opt to use our self-service features before calling customer service.

What has Charter changed in its digital customer service platforms to meet these growing expectations?

It has been an ongoing process and evolution that goes back several years. In 2018, we redesigned and consolidated more than 40 legacy support sites into a single destination for our residential customers:

Last year, we achieved another major milestone by completing the migration of mobile users from the My Spectrum Mobile Account App to the My Spectrum App. Spectrum Mobile, TV, internet and home phone services can now be managed on a single platform. Streamlining that process was a huge win for us and our customers.

We also have launched many features and enhancements to each of our self-service platforms, allowing our customers to pay their bills, enroll in autopay, track appointments and orders, troubleshoot, add or upgrade services, self-install equipment, manage Advanced WiFi, receive outage alerts, ask for digital support via chat, and provide direct feedback. These features are also 100% accessible, ensuring customers of all abilities have an opportunity to engage with us digitally if they choose to do so.

What impact has this investment in digital support had on Spectrum’s customer service?

Our focus on streamlining and improving digital support options has paid off tremendously. The My Spectrum App has been the highest-rated support app in the U.S. among all telecommunications providers for every month dating back to November 2021. Our customers love the My Spectrum App, as well as the, and platforms, and are taking full advantage of them. These self-service options not only put the customer in control by giving them fast access to information, but they free up our customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues.

We saw a dramatic decrease in customer support calls last year, as 87% of support-seeking users took advantage of our digital platforms. Furthermore, most of our customer interactions are via mobile devices, with 73% of customers opting to use either the My Spectrum App or via a mobile browser.

As the world of customer service continues to evolve, what’s next for Charter?

We have a few projects in the works that should make an impact in the immediate future. will soon be available in Spanish. The site will also be redesigned as a mobile-first experience to optimize the experience for our customers in the way they prefer to access it.

Our goal is to continue improving and to consistently deliver industry-leading solutions for customers. We are confident our investments in digital self-service platforms and enhanced communications are reshaping the customer experience to further drive digital engagement and satisfaction.

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