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InvestorsNovember 15, 2004

Charter Communications Chooses IronPort to Power and Protect Email Infrastructure

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SAN BRUNO, Calif., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- IronPort Systems, the market share leader in email security, and Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR - News), today announced that Charter Communication has chosen the IronPort C-60 email security appliance to power and protect email for over 1.8 million Charter email customers.

The increase in spam and viruses has become an increasing burden on our networking infrastructure and operational staff," said Bob Bosco, Charter Director of HSD mail. "Deploying IronPort technology has allowed us to effectively combat these issues while minimizing capital and operating expenditures".

Charter Uses Unique Tools

Charter uses two unique tools of the IronPort C60 -- throttling and Reputation Filtering. The combination helps address two major pain points: preventing spam from reaching customer inboxes and controlling spam originating from customer PCs. The IronPort C60 appliance allows Charter to divide email senders into unique categories (IP address, domain name or sender reputation) and provides specific message-based rate limit thresholds for each sender. Rate limiting acts as a highly tuned throttle for mail volume, when a throttle limit is exceeded the IronPort C60 will temporarily reject more mail from that sender.

"IronPort Reputation Filtering(TM) allows email administrators to sort email senders based on the quality of mail they send -- restrictive policies for spammers and more liberal policies to legitimate senders, said Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing at IronPort. "For Charter, who sees upwards of 100 million messages a day, the IronPort C60s stop 50% at the perimeter. This translates into the highest performance available, greater accuracy and huge cost savings."

Carrier-Grade Power, Enterprise Management Tools

IronPort's Email Security Appliances are in production at 6 of the 10 largest ISPs in the world. These ISPs rely on IronPort to be their outer layer of defense because the IronPort platform, AsyncOS, can process messages 10x more efficiently than traditional UNIX based mail servers. Additionally, IronPort's Reputation Filtering increases system throughput by 400%, and is powerful enough to stop incoming as well as outgoing spam.

On top of this carrier-grade platform IronPort has developed sophisticated management tools that allow email administrators to control a global deployment. Centralized reporting, cluster management, and IronPort's unique Mail Flow Monitor and Email Security Manager makes complex administration tasks become easy. This powerful combination of performance and features is why IronPort is deployed at 6 of the 10 largest technology companies and 5 of the 10 largest media companies in the world.

About Charter Communications

Charter Communications, Inc., a broadband communications company, provides a full range of advanced broadband services to the home, including cable television on an advanced digital video programming platform via Charter Digital(TM) and Charter High-Speed(TM) Internet service. Charter also provides business-to-business video, data and Internet protocol (IP) solutions through Charter Business(TM). Advertising sales and production services are sold under the Charter Media® brand. More information about Charter can be found at

About IronPort Systems

IronPort Systems is the leading email security provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. The company has developed a family of email security appliances, the IronPort C-Series(TM), that offer breakthrough performance, unprecedented ease of use and reduced total cost of ownership. IronPort is driving new standards and providing innovative products for those faced with the monumental task of managing, protecting, and growing mission-critical email systems. For more information on IronPort products and services, visit: .

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