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News and ViewsApril 17, 2020

All Spectrum WiFi Hotspots Free For Public Use Through May 15

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As Charter announced last month, all Spectrum WiFi hotspots are free and open for anyone to use, through May 15, as part of our effort to help the communities we serve during the COVID-19 crisis.

Charter operates nearly 530,000 Spectrum WiFi access points located across 41 states in many of the country’s largest urban areas including New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. Spectrum WiFi hotspots are typically found in public parks, marinas, city streets and other public areas.

While many people are staying inside, Charter’s advanced WiFi network will help ensure online connectivity for those who need it outside of the home, including essential government employees, first responders, health-care workers and essential businesses. A map of hotspots is available at:

Here are the steps for connecting to Spectrum WiFi:

  1. Open the device’s WiFi settings when near an access point which is broadcasting “SpectrumWiFi”
  2. Choose to connect to “SpectrumWiFi”
  3. Wait for the web page to open up on the device
  4. Check the “Agree to Terms of Service” box (see attached screenshot) and click “Sign In” button
  5. The device should be connected to SpectrumWiFi

Once the device is successfully connected to SpectrumWiFi, it will automatically reconnect anytime it is in range with other Spectrum access areas.