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Community ImpactJuly 29, 2015

A Minnesota Blessing

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A dramatic evening sky over Minnesota

When Tracy and Jamar bought their Rochester, Minnesota home six and a half years ago, they knew they had found a fantastic place to raise their three children, especially their son Toriano. He was born with spina bifida and has been wheelchair bound his entire life.

Jamar and Tracy and their three children at their Minnesota home

Jamar (L) and Tracy (R) and their three children

This home, with two of its bedrooms, a bathroom and living space all on the same floor, offers Toriano – who is now 15 – the ability to get from room to room with ease and enjoy full use of the family spaces. Upon moving in, Tracy and Jamar had plans to take on several fixer-upper projects to make the house their own.

But not long after they bought the home, Jamar was laid off from his job. While they tried to keep the dream of the perfect home for their children a reality, the financial burden was too much. As a result, Tracy and Jamar’s home is now in need of critical repairs.

The wheelchair ramp that Tracy and Jamar's son uses is in need of repair at their home in Minnesota

The wheelchair ramp that Tracy and Jamar’s son uses needs repair

The wheelchair ramp that Toriano relies uses to get in and out is too steep and lacks proper side rails. There is water damage in the home, and the backyard is in need of landscaping.

This August, Charter our Community will help. Teaming up with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, Charter Communications volunteers will make the critical repairs the family has wished for, including the accessibility modifications needed to ensure Toriano lives safely and independently.
“It’s probably more exciting to me than [my children], but I just want to give my children the best I can,” says Tracy. “By winning this blessing, I would like my children to see how giving and helping others brings people together, and that they too will give back!”

Charter our Community is thrilled to be supporting Tracy, Jamar and their family. Check back in a few weeks to see the full story behind the repairs made to their home.