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Community ImpactDecember 1, 2014

2 Sisters, 1 Big St. Louis Success

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Audrey and Lois are sisters who have lived in the Richmond Heights neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri their entire lives. Their brother lives down the street and their parents did too. Audrey and Lois are very close, talking to each other daily – sometimes two or three times per day – and love to go antiquing at thrift stores.

Audrey says the experience of Charter Communications volunteers and Rebuilding Together renovating their homes was a blessing for her and her sister. She met some new friends that she will hold in her heart forever.

One of the people who helped with the renovation – a volunteer named Hayes – was a neighborhood boy that Audrey had not seen since he was a child. There’s a special way that Audrey figured this out: Everybody in her church, her family and friends used to call her “Cookie.” When Hayes introduced himself to Audrey, he said “Hello, Miss Cookie!”

Watch the video above to see the transformation of Audrey’s and Lois’s homes.