Keeping You Connected When it Matters Most

As one of FEMA’s Community Lifeline sectors, our services are essential. We are working around the clock to deliver uninterrupted internet, telephone and TV news services to our more than 29 million customers including critical institutions like hospitals, first responders, government facilities, and news media.
In these unprecedented times, we understand the importance of delivering reliable broadband connectivity to all our customers.  Whether it's distance learning, remote work, digital entertainment or staying connected with family and friends, our advanced network can scale to meet everyone’s needs during this challenging period.
Read on to learn more about what Charter is doing to help navigate through these unprecedented times.
APRIL 23, 2020

Charter's COVID-19 Update

Learn about Charter's commitments to serve and support customers and employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

Portrait of Stephanie Mitchko-Beale
Network Reliability

How Charter is Meeting Higher Demand for Reliable Internet During COVID-19 Crisis

As more people work and learn remotely, stream movies and video chat with friends, family and coworkers, Charter’s advanced broadband network is ready to meet the growing demand for reliable internet, Chief Technology Officer Stephanie Mitchko-Beale explains in a Q&A.


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Remote Learning

Charter Extends Free 60 Day Spectrum Broadband Internet and WiFi Offer Through June 30

To ease the strain in this challenging time, Charter has extended its commitment to free Spectrum broadband and WiFi Access to households with students (K-College) and educators who do not already have a Spectrum account through June 30, 2020.

Spectrum Newsroom discussing news

Spectrum News Networks Serve as the Essential Voice to Local Communities Across the Country

As the growing COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect communities across the country, Spectrum News networks have adapted their programming to provide the most relevant coverage on how the coronavirus is impacting local communities.