James E. Meyer


James E. Meyer was appointed to the board of directors of Charter in July 2018. Mr. Meyer has been the Chief Executive Officer of Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (“Sirius XM”), an audio entertainment provider, since December 2012 and has been a director since January 2013. Previously, Mr. Meyer was the President, Operations and Sales, of Sirius XM. Prior to joining Sirius XM in May 2004, Mr. Meyer was the President of Aegis Ventures, a general management consulting company. Before Aegis, he held a number of senior management positions in consumer electronics over a 25 year period, including as the Senior Executive Vice President of Digital Media Solutions of Thomson, a worldwide leader in consumer electronics. Prior to joining Thomson, Mr. Meyer held senior management positions at General Electric and RCA. Mr. Meyer is Chairman of the Board of Directors and a director of TiVo Corporation (and Rovi Corporation prior to its merger with TiVo Corporation) and served as a director of Pandora Media, Inc. until February 2019.